• Picture of Ludo & Joao

    Ludo & Joao

    Joao has been dancing since the age of 8, when he entered in a German folk dance group. In 2006 he started dancing, zouk, salsa, forro, samba de gafieira, bolero, argentine tango and it was when he really fell in love with dance. From there, he dedicated several hours per week on dance and teaching training to become a dance teacher. In 2010 he started teaching ballroom dance and it was only in 2012 that he got to know West coast Swing. He completely got addicted to the dance, especially because of how creative and musical it could be. From this point on, he started taking classes, privates and workshops abroad with the best dance instructors. He also started competing, and got really successful on it.

    Today he is competing on the All Stars level and regularly being placed on the top 3. He started teaching WCS in 2014 in Brazil and today he is living in France and teaching in Switzerland and a few workshops around Europe. He is really passionate about WCS and loves to bring all his dance background to the class the help the students in the best way possible.

    Ludovic has taken its first dancing steps at 10 years old, when he first learned rock’n’roll. His dancing background is as much innovative as diversified, as he had taken a quick interest into Lindy-Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Acrobatic rock’n’roll, Salsa, Boogie Woogie and Tap dancing. He has been a Rock and Roll, Lindy Hop and Charleston instructor since 2009.

    His attraction into Swing dancing enabled him to discover West Coast Swing in 2010. Quickly becoming very passionate, he goes from workshops to workshops overseas, where he learned from the best instructors. He also competes to many competitions where he regularly places into the Top 3. Driven by the desire to share its passion and helping others to discover and learn it, He started to teach WCS since 2011.

    After contributing to spread West Coast Swing within its area (in France), he is now giving few workshops across France and Europe. Thanks to its knowledge & skills in a variety of dances, he is known for his amazing musical knowledge, his structured and concise teaching and his great generosity.

  • Picture of Arantxa & Alex

    Arantxa & Alex

    Hailing from the vibrant musical landscapes of Toulon and La Réunion, France, Alexandre Roy and Arantxa Lebon are a dynamic duo of West Coast Swing teachers at SwitchXperience Berlin.

    A musician at heart, Alexandre's rhythmic roots in drumming and swing music led him to Lindy Hop in 2016. His swift love affair with the West Coast Swing revealed his intrinsic musicality and boundless creativity. Today, as a West Coast Swing dancer, Alexandre travels the globe, immersing himself in the international dance community. Beyond the dance floor, he ignites parties with his captivating beats as DJ Royal.

    After playing the piano for over a decade, Arantxa journeyed from urban dance to partner dancing like Rock and Salsa, seeking a fresh canvas for her profound musical passion. It was the West Coast Swing that resonated deeply, enchanting her with its richness and complexity. Her intuitive musicality and sharp timing shine in competitions. The joy of learning and sharing back knowledge has always been Arantxa’s profound vocation. She is elated to share her fervor for West Coast Swing through teaching.

    Together, Alexandre and Arantxa are not just partners in dance but also ambassadors of connection and harmony, bringing their shared passion to every class they lead. Join them for a session and let their combined energy and wisdom guide your dance journey!

  • Picture of Hélène & Raphaël

    Hélène & Raphaël

    Hélène developed her passion for WCS in Strasbourg where she quickly became one of the community leaders. Now based in Amsterdam, she often travels internationally to learn and compete as an All-Star Division follower and Advanced Division leader.

    During her dance journey, she has discovered many dance styles like Lindy Hop, Blues, Zouk, and Ballroom dancing, and she brings all those influences with her into her WCS and her classes. She loves switching between leading and following within a dance, to challenge and develop creativity and partnership. For her, connection is everything!

    Raphaël discovered WCS almost a decade ago and fell in love with it ever since. He is based in Paris, where he teaches WCS and organizes workshops for the local community. He is an All Star Division leader and loves to follow or switch roles within one dance on the social dance floor.

    Raphaël is known for being one of the most appreciated social dancers in the international WCS community. You will fall in love with his big smile, connection and creativity!

    These two love switching together and are passionate about teaching and sharing their views on the dance.

  • Picture of Clevi - Clem & Evi

    Clevi - Clem & Evi

    Clevi - Clem & Evi - are two passionate West Coast Swing dancers based in Berlin. With a decade of experience each, they have joined forces to teach and dance together. Clement, an All-Star Division leader and an Advanced Division follower, brings a unique sense of musicality and creativity to the dance floor with his decade of musical studies and his background in solo dances like Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. Evi, an Advanced Division follower with a professional contemporary dance background and experience in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance, adds her unique flavor to WCS.

    These two dancers love the freedom that WCS offers, particularly in the ability to switch roles and experience one dance from both sides. They are known for switching and stealing at WCS socials and bring excitement and good vibes to every dance floor they join.

  • Picture of J'Em - Jakub & Emeline

    J'Em - Jakub & Emeline

    Natively from Czech Republic & Reunion Island, Jakub and Em took their first steps into the dance world at the age of 16 and 12, both starting with Ballroom Dancing (Latin, Standard & line-dancing). They were both hooked since they discovered West Coast Swing, and were especially drawn to the creativity, musicality, and freedom within the dance.

    Their dance world is shaped around multiple influences such as urban dances, contemporary, modern, zouk or contact improvisation; both being eager to learn and assimilate new tools from other dance forms to expand their library of movement, expression and ways to connect.

    J’Em story began in June 2016, as they were hired together by pure chance in a styling workshop run by Adam and Rita in Budapest. They have been traveling the world together ever since, flying from country to country to share their passion for dancing.

    After 4 consecutive years being part of the top 10 finalists at the US Open Swing Dance Championships, they just placed 3rd in the Classic Division in November 2022.

Event Directors

Direct point of contact: Clem and Evi. Organising team: Laura, Raphaël, Hélène, and Valérie.