Leveled workshops

    We will be offering workshops on three different levels. Here is some information about the levels for you to decide where to go.
    Feel free to ask us for help if you are unsure which level to take.

  • Level 1

    You dance WCS in your primary role and take regular classes for about 6 months. For this level, you do not need to know neither the basics in your secondary role, nor switching or stealing.

    You will learn the basics of your secondary role, as well as switching and stealing at a slow pace.

  • Level 2

    You dance WCS for at least 6 months, take regular classes and join socials. You can dance the 6- and 8- Count Basics in your secondary role and can enjoy one whole dance in that role. You might have as well already some experience in switching or stealing on a social level. Although that is not required.

    Join Level 2 if you want to dive deeper into switching and stealing.

  • Level 3

    You dance WCS for at least one year and travel to international events. To join this level, you should have at least 15 Novice WSDC points! You are dancing comfortably in your secondary role or even compete in it. You are familiar with basic switching or stealing on the social dancefloor.

    You will be challenged on a high level and fast pace to discover more complex ways of switching and stealing.

    Ask us for advice, if you do not compete in WSDC but want to attend Level 3.

  • Bootcamp

  • Secondary Role Bootcamp

    Switching roles in dance can be challenging if you are not confident dancing both roles. Don't fret, we've got you covered! Join our 2.5-hour Secondary Role Bootcamp before the event. We'll review lead and follow techniques and basic patterns from the opposite perspective, boosting your confidence and enhancing your switching and stealing skills.

    To enroll, you must have a strong foundation in 6- and 8-Count basics in your primary role.

    This Bootcamp is designed for people who have never danced in their secondary role or those want to dive more into technique while revisiting their basics.

    This Bootcamp is not suitable for complete beginners; you should already have at least six months of WCS experience in your primary role.